The Photographer
This is a MUCH younger me, so many little things in this image bring back memories.  An Evel Kenevel Christmas present, a Christmas sweater, my grandparent's flooring, my grandfather's Chair his  ash tray, their old fashion washing machine...  Nothing enhances one's memory like a meaningful photograph.  Part of the magic of the photographs we take are the memories we associate with them.  We can all appreciate a beautiful image but when have 'been there' or remember family outings to those waterfalls, or that beach, when one remembers when we  'saw that'...  that is when a photograph moves from being something pretty to look at , to something that can become so much more meaningful.  That is the reason I began my photographic journey some 30 years ago.   Over those years I have enjoyed working to make these memories in a more creative and a more eye catching way.  And that is the reason for the name of the site.  'Mark Saw This'.   If you would like to send a note or inquire about prints feel free to hit the 'feedback' button on the main pages or simply email mark@marksawthis.com.